Questions to Ask Before You Hire a PR Agency for Your School


Before you hire the first PR agency that comes through your door, you need to make sure that you’ve got a good one and that the agency is going to do what it’s supposed to. Plus these are all very similar questions you’d ask businesses like REDPILL a video marketing agency. The best way for you to establish that is to ask them a series of questions, and if you like the answers, you should hire them. However, if you don’t like the answer you’ve gotten to these questions, it’s probably the best to continue looking. These questions and tips were offered to us by the good people of GK & Partners PR agency – a respected firm, which basically tells us that we ought to listen to them.

Who will be working on my school’s account?

It is really important to know who exactly would be in charge of your school’s account with the PR agency you’ve wanted to hire. Some agencies tend to introduce the best employees to meet you, and then give your account over to second grade people. Don’t allow this to happen, and ask to see the person that is going to take care of your account personally.

What approach will you use to promote my school?

There are some agencies out there that will not share your opinion and will do things they want to, sometimes without even notifying you. That is why you ought to ask them before hand what kind of an approach they plan to use, just to see if you are on the same page.

What does a typical contract consist of?

It is essential that you know exactly what it is you are signing. Therefore, it is always wise to get a copy of the contract, and sleep on it. Find out as much as you can about it, and even invite your school’s legal advisor or representative to examine it. Only when the people that know what they’re talking about tell you that the contract is completely alright, should you sign it.

How much will it take to achieve my school’s goals?

You need to know how much time needs to pass in order to get the result you’ve wanted. That is why you need to ask this question right away; it will allow you to know how much you have to wait, how much you’re going to spend, and if the goals are actually possible. Also, try to negotiate the price, and get as lower one as possible.

What are your references?

You must know who you’re working with, and the best way to know this is to ask the PR agency for references. Then, you can call the people mentioned in those references and ask them about this PR agency. When it comes to the PR’s previous clients, ask them why they no longer work with this PR agency, and what do they think of it.

What do you need from me and how often will I hear from you?

It is necessary for you to know right away what it is you need to do in order to make this work, and to try and do it as soon as possible. Also, you need to make sure how often you’re going to hear from the PR agency, in order to know when to ask how the business is going and if the PR agency is on the right track.


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