Top 5 Well-Renowned Women’s Designer Clothing Brands

One of the universal topics that women would love to talk about is fashion. Fashion is very important among women because they consider it an integral part of their being. Now, if you hear the word fashion, what comes initially on your mind? For sure you think about supermodels or a thousand dollar pieces of fabric, right? Well, for most women who loves fashion a lot, they would look at fashion as an art, passion and a lifestyle.

To date, there are so many clothing brands that exist in the market because the demand for good clothes and accessories for the wardrobe is too high. In this article, we are going to specifically learn something about women’s designer clothing. These designer labels are considered to be the premium ones. So, let us identify ten of the well-renowned product labels. It’s thanks to these companies that smaller online stores are popping up everywhere. Dobn’t believe me? Check out branding


For over the decades, this brand name never fail to amaze and surprise the fashion world in producing all the best clothing in the world. Chanel has become an interchangeable word for taste and style. This label is committed to provide not just the quality products but also the signature look that would make a person stand out from the rest. This brand is created by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel in 1916, first-opened in Paris, France. To date, the most famous people in the world and in Hollywood know this brand so well.


DKNY or Donna Karen New York is a label which stands for the name of its creator and the city it was found. This label has been so popular in the fashion world. DKNY create more than just an art to their clothing lines but more than that. They could make you look great in all seasons. Their product are top-rated and must-have ready-to-wear collections—dresses, sweaters, tops, pants, skirts, jackets and outer wear for both men and women.

Louis Vuitton

This brand has made its way to international fashion. Louis Vuitton is one of the most aspired brands because they offer a handful of wearability obsession for any occasion. The people who favor this brand always achieve the fashion’s pinnacle. This women’s designer clothing brand envisions to give everyone the most captivating and quality dress that would still be hip and in trend even if the years pass by. Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent

The designer art of clothing is best associated with Saint Laurent. This gives women the opportunity to be glamorous, sophisticated and look chic in all seasons. They are very committed in crafting the stylish clothing that suits you. Saint Laurent will never be gone in the wardrobes of many celebs. If you own one of their clothes, then definitely, you will never fail to astound the world with the world’s most exquisite fashion.


This product label is well-known for its world-class tailored designer clothes that would always be a good part of your wardrobe. This product name was founded by Christian Dior who was a French fashion designer. Its creations were wildly popular in all countries around the globe. To date, its legacy continues to spread and influence the world of fashion.