Questions to Ask Before You Hire a PR Agency for Your School


Before you hire the first PR agency that comes through your door, you need to make sure that you’ve got a good one and that the agency is going to do what it’s supposed to. Plus these are all very similar questions you’d ask businesses like REDPILL a video marketing agency. The best way for you to establish that is to ask them a series of questions, and if you like the answers, you should hire them. However, if you don’t like the answer you’ve gotten to these questions, it’s probably the best to continue looking. These questions and tips were offered to us by the good people of GK & Partners PR agency – a respected firm, which basically tells us that we ought to listen to them.

Who will be working on my school’s account?

It is really important to know who exactly would be in charge of your school’s account with the PR agency you’ve wanted to hire. Some agencies tend to introduce the best employees to meet you, and then give your account over to second grade people. Don’t allow this to happen, and ask to see the person that is going to take care of your account personally.

What approach will you use to promote my school?

There are some agencies out there that will not share your opinion and will do things they want to, sometimes without even notifying you. That is why you ought to ask them before hand what kind of an approach they plan to use, just to see if you are on the same page.

What does a typical contract consist of?

It is essential that you know exactly what it is you are signing. Therefore, it is always wise to get a copy of the contract, and sleep on it. Find out as much as you can about it, and even invite your school’s legal advisor or representative to examine it. Only when the people that know what they’re talking about tell you that the contract is completely alright, should you sign it.

How much will it take to achieve my school’s goals?

You need to know how much time needs to pass in order to get the result you’ve wanted. That is why you need to ask this question right away; it will allow you to know how much you have to wait, how much you’re going to spend, and if the goals are actually possible. Also, try to negotiate the price, and get as lower one as possible.

What are your references?

You must know who you’re working with, and the best way to know this is to ask the PR agency for references. Then, you can call the people mentioned in those references and ask them about this PR agency. When it comes to the PR’s previous clients, ask them why they no longer work with this PR agency, and what do they think of it.

What do you need from me and how often will I hear from you?

It is necessary for you to know right away what it is you need to do in order to make this work, and to try and do it as soon as possible. Also, you need to make sure how often you’re going to hear from the PR agency, in order to know when to ask how the business is going and if the PR agency is on the right track.


Top 5 Well-Renowned Women’s Designer Clothing Brands

One of the universal topics that women would love to talk about is fashion. Fashion is very important among women because they consider it an integral part of their being. Now, if you hear the word fashion, what comes initially on your mind? For sure you think about supermodels or a thousand dollar pieces of fabric, right? Well, for most women who loves fashion a lot, they would look at fashion as an art, passion and a lifestyle.

To date, there are so many clothing brands that exist in the market because the demand for good clothes and accessories for the wardrobe is too high. In this article, we are going to specifically learn something about women’s designer clothing. These designer labels are considered to be the premium ones. So, let us identify ten of the well-renowned product labels. It’s thanks to these companies that smaller online stores are popping up everywhere. Dobn’t believe me? Check out branding


For over the decades, this brand name never fail to amaze and surprise the fashion world in producing all the best clothing in the world. Chanel has become an interchangeable word for taste and style. This label is committed to provide not just the quality products but also the signature look that would make a person stand out from the rest. This brand is created by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel in 1916, first-opened in Paris, France. To date, the most famous people in the world and in Hollywood know this brand so well.


DKNY or Donna Karen New York is a label which stands for the name of its creator and the city it was found. This label has been so popular in the fashion world. DKNY create more than just an art to their clothing lines but more than that. They could make you look great in all seasons. Their product are top-rated and must-have ready-to-wear collections—dresses, sweaters, tops, pants, skirts, jackets and outer wear for both men and women.

Louis Vuitton

This brand has made its way to international fashion. Louis Vuitton is one of the most aspired brands because they offer a handful of wearability obsession for any occasion. The people who favor this brand always achieve the fashion’s pinnacle. This women’s designer clothing brand envisions to give everyone the most captivating and quality dress that would still be hip and in trend even if the years pass by. Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent

The designer art of clothing is best associated with Saint Laurent. This gives women the opportunity to be glamorous, sophisticated and look chic in all seasons. They are very committed in crafting the stylish clothing that suits you. Saint Laurent will never be gone in the wardrobes of many celebs. If you own one of their clothes, then definitely, you will never fail to astound the world with the world’s most exquisite fashion.


This product label is well-known for its world-class tailored designer clothes that would always be a good part of your wardrobe. This product name was founded by Christian Dior who was a French fashion designer. Its creations were wildly popular in all countries around the globe. To date, its legacy continues to spread and influence the world of fashion.




Getting a Fair Quote for Your Website Project

With all the free templates out there you’d think that creating a website would be just a matter of securing a domain name and server, selecting a template, plugging in some images and copy and presto! Unfortunately, in spite of significant advancements in wysiwyg-type design building a website is not much easier than it was 10 years ago. In fact in some ways it’s much more complex.

Here’s why: In 1995 there were just over 20,000 websites. Today there are close to a billion – that’s billion with a “b” – websites. Because of that the focus of website building has shifted from how the site is perceived by the user (the GUI) to how the site is perceived by the major search engines (SEO).

Requesting Web Design Quotes


The reality of a billion websites means you’ll need professional help if you want to have any chance of making the web work for you. The best thing is to find a single web designer or web design company that can design and build the site and create and implement the SEO campaign as well. This will save you time, money and innumerable hassles.

Before inviting quotes though, it will pay to give the whole process some thought. So here are some things to figure out before calling the designers.

·         What is my budget?

·         Who is my target audience?

·         What is the purpose of my site?

·         Does the site need to be scalable?

·         Who will manage the site once finished?

·         Do I intend to use the site for data collection?

·         Will there be a blog and if so, who will provide content?

Once you have a handle on these various concerns you can feel pretty confident about asking for quotations. There will still be things that come up to which you’ll likely have to shrug your shoulders but by and large this should be enough to elicit some real numbers. Keep a couple of other things in mind as well.

Large design houses will charge more but usually have a proven track record as well as enormous resources at their disposal. They also don’t have a lot of interest in building small websites. Along those lines, if yours is not a website that’s going to significantly enhance the reputation of the company, you may never see or talk to any of the principals.

Small companies and freelancers will give you their full attention. In the case of freelancers they’ll likely be handling all the work themselves so they’ll be in tune with every nook and cranny of the site and be able to respond to any questions. On the other hand you may get last year’s SEO techniques because the designer hasn’t had time to update his or her skillset. And there’s always the outside chance they’ll head for Siberia with your deposit.

Get web design quotes from large and small companies as well as freelancers. Throw out the high and low quotes, check references for the remaining companies and/or individuals, and then whittle things down from there until you have a designer you’re comfortable with at a price that makes sense for you.



3 Best SEO Practices For Creating Content

Making more customers and expanding business is the dream of every business owner. But how will anybody know about you or your business until you present it in right way? Have you been using your blog in right manner lately? I mean, are you creating the ‘compelling’ content that educates the reader about your business and services? Or are you making any mistake at this point that you shouldn’t be doing?

Below are 3 best SEO practices for creating content that benefits your small business and helps you gain more customers.

Create Content To Engage Readers:

As you may heard of this phrase many times that ‘Content is King’ which is really true. Just think about it and ask yourself that why is it still so effective even after so many years? Basically, content on any website is either to educate or inform the reader about some service.

So if you’re putting valuable posts on your website’s blog that serves reader in any way then you’re doing it right. But if your content strategy is failing to inform (or educate) the reader about your business in right manner then there’s some mistake that you need to find out. If people aren’t reading your site, you should look at information design in London from Outre Creative. They can re-design your website so people will be attracted to and engage with your blog posts.

I mean, you should be writing to update the readers what’s new in your service or what improvements are you bringing to your service that can benefit customers? This way, you can engage readers and make best use of content strategy in favor of your business growth.

Make Use Of Media Along Content:

After creating the ‘compelling’ content, you need to focus on another aspect as well. Using media with content can double its impact. I mean, you may have heard this phrase that ‘A picture says many stories’ (I’m not good at proverbs really but you get the idea right?).

I’m trying to say here is that you need to use relevant pictures, a video clip or a podcast that correlates with your content. This will captivate readers attention and keep your content safe from looking dull or rough.

There are many things you can add with your blog posts to increase its impact. If you think adding pictures or videos is an old school idea then you may try an infographic that can deliver your message in an interesting way. Whatever approach you use, your main objective is to get reader’s attention towards your business.

Change Keyword Strategy:

Have you ever noticed that search methods are changing these days? I mean, people search differently today as compared to few years back. So you need to find out how a common user types a phrase that relates to your business recommends Gareth from his SEO consultant website.

Because if you are using formal words over any slang then you may miss the opportunity to reach the right audience for your business. Just see how people search for your service/business using common words and try using them in every blog post now and then to see the results. See how common people talk about your service to get an idea what words you need to use while writing blog posts next time for your blog.


How to Open The Door to Your Company’s Success

Let us get something straightened out. Yes, YOU’RE different. Yes, YOU’RE special. Yes, your company IS distinct.

Your brand advertising method nevertheless, doesn’t need to stick out and take notice. It does have to exist and it has to meet your needs, regularly.

As a small company branding advisor, I’m frequently asked the question, “but that won’t ever work in my industry,” or “we haven’t ever tried it this way, therefore it simply will not give good results.”


Attaining the results you would like in your small company can be done if you utilize these 4 brand advertising success secrets. These 4 secrets affect each and every company. If you do not have this method applied in your company infrastructure, it isn’t too late to begin. A quick tip we’d advise before your employees take up such tasks. Ensure they have all DRB & CRB checks done. Might be asking yourself, how long does a DRB check take? Head over to Clear Check to find out!

Prospecting is the center of all companies. However it isn’t obtaining prospects that is essential – it is about obtaining high quality prospects.

There is a huge difference. However first, you need to determine them!

Sure, you are wondering that is clear. However consider this – can you identify your suitable customer as if they were one individual? When you are able to visualize your suitable customer as a breathing, living, individual rather than a ‘target’ to pursue, you’re developing the basis for an advertising interaction method that’s unique, relatable and unforgettable.

Here is an illustration: Sue is a 41 years old former admin assistant that likes to craft, has 2 young children who are active in athletics, takes part in PTA functions, performs all she is able to to help in her neighborhood with a focus on animal rights concerns, and has a desire for assisting individuals live the American dream by purchasing their first house.

Understanding your customer thoroughly gives you an edge in your industry since you will now know precisely how to locate them in large number. Utilizing Sue from the illustration above, you are able to bet you will discover other people like Sue at; football as well as other ball activities, philanthropic as well as other fundraising occasions in your neighborhood, art exhibitions, pet adoption festivals, get the idea? If you understand your suitable customer doesn’t frequent the typical business networking function, why would you go?

Now that you understand how to locate your perfect customers and clients, you will have to create a method to transform a good number of them into prospects you are able to connect with. That’s where you’re able to showcase your company a bit and entails revealing your company story in an engaging, distinct and memorable approach. How do you now encourage individuals into your ‘world.’ Would you attempt to offer them your merchandise on first meeting?

I liken this method to dating. If you met somebody the first time and they instantly asked you to hit the bed, it’d be a big disappointment. If you are instantly attempting to sell somebody you have only met, you’re losing a chance to build a lasting connection. Are you searching for a business one night stand or an enduring connection? There is nothing exceptional regarding a strategy that is over-used, and foreseeable.

You can observe from the methods above that this advertising interaction method is something which can function in any company. While your company is different and unique, the procedure you use to advertise that company has to be straightforward and something you can copy in your company every time you have to advertise.